9 Ways a Podcast Can Help Your B2B Brand

Podcast microphone in office.
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By now, you know the story: Millions of people are listening to podcasts. In 2018, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly, with a projected average of 112 million monthly listeners by 2021. But even as the number of podcast fans grows to staggering heights, many brands still question whether a podcast makes sense as a part of their B2B strategy.

Consider this: While you decide whether a podcast is the right fit, 17% of marketers used a podcast as a part of their content marketing strategy in 2018, up from 12% the year prior. Don’t wait for your competitors to enter the space and lead the way.

To help provide context into how podcasting can blend with and even help lead your marketing efforts, we’ve included nine reasons that podcasting can help bolster your brand and connect with a B2B audience. From thought leadership to lead generation, a great podcast can quickly become the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy and one of the main drivers of your marketing efforts.


If you’re a marketer, you know the value of evergreen content. Great B2B podcasts fit the definition perfectly, allowing listeners to download from a back-catalogue of relevant episodes. The more your podcast grows, the stronger your brand looks to newcomers, who can choose from a variety of topics that relate specifically to their needs. Furthermore, the utilization of your podcast throughout the rest of your content strategy increases your reach and the longevity of the content you’re creating.

Brand strength

A well-produced, informative podcast can help build your brand’s reputation and position you as a thought leader. Whether you take a storytelling route or use your podcast as an opportunity to interview experts in your space, you’re showing your audience that you’re an authority on a particular subject and building credibility through the power of the medium.

Power of audio

There’s a reason audio is a longstanding avenue through which speakers, storytellers, and personalities have been able to deliver powerful messages. Think about it: Audio is the only content you can consume without looking at a screen. Catch your audience while they’re on the run, driving in the car, or cooking dinner at home. Worried they’ll tune out? 80% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of each episode they consume and listen to an average of 7 shows per week.

Showcase your expertise

No one knows the value of your business better than you. Give your internal experts a chance to shine! Podcasting gives your company leaders and subject matter experts the opportunity to build their own brand, giving more credibility to your business. The format offers your host the chance to deliver your brand message powerfully, succinctly, and articulated in a way that sells to your audience better than any blog post ever could.

Reach a new audience

Traditional content marketing tactics only get you part of the way when it comes to connecting with your audience. While not everyone is likely to read your blog posts or download your whitepapers, a whole other highly-engaged audience is consuming that content via podcasts. As more and more listeners turn to podcasts to consume valuable content, the opportunity is too large to leave on the table.

Leverage your network (and beyond)

Every B2B business has a valuable resource in the form of clients and partners that have had successful experiences with your brand or product. Furthermore, people love to be featured on podcasts and love sharing those experiences with others. Take advantage of that gold mine by featuring them on your show and encourage them to share it with their audience. As your guests grow, so does the size of their audience (and yours).


You thought SEO only applied to written content? Think again! Podcasts rank well in Google, especially when you can utilize your podcast content across your other properties, like your blog. Furthermore, marketers can utilize the same SEO research that informs their overall content strategy to focus podcast episodes on specific keywords, taking further advantage of the search audience you’re already targeting.

One podcast; lots of content

Don’t think of a podcast as standalone content, separate from the rest of your marketing efforts. Podcast clips can be created and shared on social to focus in on key moments that engage your followers. Your episodes can also be transcribed and posted to your blog, providing additional SEO value and capturing an additional audience. What about video? Considering that YouTube is the second most visited website on the Internet, marketers would be remiss to not consider creating and posting video versions of podcast episodes or bite-sized moments.

Have fun!

While podcasting can be a lot of work, it’s also a lot of fun! In addition to all of the benefits listed above, a podcast can truly help bring your brand personality to life in a new way and help your team find exciting opportunities to tell your brand story. With the right strategy in place, a podcast can boost your marketing efforts and provide a source of joy for listeners and your internal team.

- By Kiel Hauck

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